Valeria Hyer


I am currently working on my first book, a contemporary romance called Into The Blue Crystal Sea.

Below, you will find a brief summary of the plot.

Jacqueline Marques created a system to protect herself from traumatic memories. Hyper-control became her best friend. Her decision to come to the United States to study instead of in her beloved Portugal caused her defenses to crumble down. Joshua Steimberg thought his life was going well, despite strife with his father. After meeting Jacqueline, he learned that love looked different than he imagined. Although he longed to protect and save her, he understood that her pain was more than he could handle. Joshua, a Messianic Jew, had no other option, but to release her to his Messiah in spite of her choices. Face her pain or run away from it.

This book has elements of blending cultures, soul searching, supernatural encounters, and redemption.

Valeria Hyer

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