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Thoughts from the Father of Lights

Thoughts from the Father of Lights



Dear Friends,

Recently, I have struggled with intense thoughts of self-hatred and insecurity. Some situations in my life have highlighted mindsets rooted in lies and trauma. The tightness in my stomach and the clenching of my jaw magnified the level of emotional stress I was living under. My emotions were in upheaval as my default seemed to continuously tap into a pool of negativity.

During this time of extreme vulnerability, I felt raw and exhausted. My soul was tired of feeling as if I didn’t matter or wasn’t good enough. So, I decided to write a compilation of thoughts I felt like I had heard from God in the shape of a devotion. Also, I wanted to read for myself the words He had spoken to me in a more linear way. As much as I love my journal, it can be messy at times–don’t judge!!!

The devotion is supposed to be read as if God is speaking a blessing to you. Nothing like a gentle Father flooding our souls with heaven’s joyful energy and His positive thoughts about us.

Thoughts from the Father of Lights is separated into four parts: Blessing our creation, mind, soul, and physical bodies. All aspects of humanity should be aligned with heaven’s truth and reality. We are citizens of both realms, and we have access to all provisions and blessings through Jesus. I wanted to set my intentions to trust and believe in Father’s opinions of me.

So much has changed since I started this devotion. As I meditate on scriptures and Father’s blessings to me, I feel as if my brain has been experiencing a detox process. The replacement of toxic thoughts with healthy ones is happening–I just wished it happened faster. But I trust that God knows how much I can handle.

I’m not quite where I want to be, but I am moving forward. Sometimes, just moving is the best progress one can have.

Researchers state that it takes about 21 days for a thought to change. We can change the firing up of our neurons in order to create healthy networks that will enhance our quality of life and well-being. That is what I am praying for myself and that is what I am praying for you as well.  Don’ t give up!

You can download Thoughts from the Father of Lights as a Word document by clicking on the link below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

With much love,

Valeria Hyer

Thoughts from the Father of Lights


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