Valeria Hyer



Dear Friends,

Welcome to my humble online abode.

I write stories that go deep into the human soul. Readers can vicariously embark on a journey of healing along with characters that need major transformation. Perhaps, you will also believe that your heart is good, worthy of being pursued, and delighted in.

I believe that the power of story changes lives. I have certainly read stories that set me on a journey of introspection. The end result was a great amount of freedom. I understood that hiding behind coping mechanisms didn’t do me any good. So, pursuing a life of authenticity and empathy to myself became a goal. A big step for a “recovering self-hater” like me.

My blog describes my own personal journey in pursuing joy. I can say it’s been a tough and delightful journey. I hope you enjoy it.

With Much Love,

Valeria Hyer


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